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Louis also supported Henry’s rebellious sons, and encouraged Plantagenet disunity by making Henry’s sons, rather than Henry himself, the feudal overlords of the Angevin territories in France. But the rivalry among Henry’s sons and Louis’s own indecisiveness broke up the coalition (1173 1174) between them. Finally, in 1177, the pope intervened to bring the two kings to terms at Vitry le Franois..

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Replica Designer Handbags There is considerable concern among physicians and patients that generic and innovator immunosuppressants are not equivalent to one another.8 9 10 11Before approval, each generic drug must show bioequivalence to the innovator version in healthy adults, but there is no requirement to show bioequivalence or clinical efficacy in patients with transplants. Many argue that the current criteria are not sufficient as such patients often have comorbidities and are taking multiple drugs, which could alter the pharmacokinetics of a drug.1 3 4 Also, bioequivalence might not necessarily mean equivalence in terms of clinical effectiveness, which could lead to catastrophic consequences in a patient with a transplant (for instance, loss of the graft). Based on current guidelines, however, clinical effectiveness is assumed if bioequivalence can be shown.12The concerns raised in the transplant community have led to the recommendation that patients and healthcare providers pay careful attention to drug formulations and monitor drug concentrations more often if a patient is switched to a generic preparation.2 4 13 14 Europe and Canada have also adopted more stringent bioequivalence criteria for tacrolimus and cyclosporine.12 15 Certain countries in Europe have gone one step further, with the United Kingdom now requiring that the brand of tacrolimus be specified on all prescriptions to avoid inadvertent switching and Denmark banning the generic substitution of tacrolimus and cyclosporine products.16 17 These recommendations are Replica Bags not based on high quality evidence, and many, including regulatory agencies, argue that the methods of determining bioequivalence are reliable and sufficient.18 19 If patients and physicians remain doubtful of the equivalence of generic immunosuppressive drugs, this will limit the cost saving potential of these drugs from underprescribing and more frequent laboratory monitoring when a generic is prescribed.1 20We investigated the clinical efficacy, safety, and bioequivalence of generic immunosuppressive drugs compared with innovator drugs in solid organ transplant recipients Replica Designer Handbags.