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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Shenzhen

cheap moncler outlet School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen), Sun Yat moncler jackets kids sen University

cheap moncler sale Established in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat sen, the founding father of modern China, Sun Yat moncler outlet woodbury sen University has fostered an exceptional moncler jackets for women learning cheap moncler coats for women environment and Moncler Factory Outlet a favorable moncler coats for cheap academic atmosphere during its development moncler coats outlet of over 90 moncler outlet years. It is a top tier comprehensive research university recognized both at home and abroad for its remarkable strengths in a wide range of disciplines, including the humanities, natural sciences as well as engineering and medical sciences. Driven by moncler jacket mens the construction of its Shenzhen Campus, moncler outlet location Sun Yat sen University is now presented moncler jackets on sale with new opportunities for growth and is gathering the cheap moncler jackets leading talents to push forward the construction of big platforms, Official Moncler Outlet big research teams and big projects. The University is striving to achieve its development goal of a world class university and world class disciplines in accordance with the national major strategic needs, the international academic frontiers and the national and regional economic and social development.

moncler outlet Adjacent to Hong Kong and the South China moncler jacket outlet Sea, Shenzhen is a beautiful coastal city in Guangdong Province and recognized as moncler jackets canada one of the self innovative and dynamic cities in China. In 2015, the Municipal moncler outlets uk Government of Shenzhen and Sun Yat sen University signed a collaborative agreement, aimed at jointly building the Shenzhen Campus in accordance with the criteria of a world top tier university. The Shenzhen Campus is located in the Guangming New District Discount Moncler Coats of Shenzhen with an area of 340 hectares and will be put moncler outlet online store into use in 2018. The main disciplines in this campus will be moncler jackets mens medical science and engineering while a relatively complete academic system together with the disciplines of humanities and natural sciences will be steadily constructed and moncler chicago a talent moncler outlet usa cultivation system from undergraduate to doctoral programs will be established. In the coming decade, the Shenzhen Campus will become one of the Asia Pacific region’s most important and internationally influential bases for innovation as well as a new growth pole of Sun Yat sen University in its mission to establish itself as a first tier international university.

cheap moncler jackets The number of permanent faculty members on the Shenzhen Campus will surpass moncler outlet mall 2,000 by the end of 2024, which will include academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chang Jiang Scholars, Overseas High Level academic talents, National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars recipients, Thousand Young Talents Program recipients, and other high level academic leaders and outstanding young scholars. The number of students will pass 20,000, including moncler jackets outlet online 12,000 full time undergraduate students.

cheap moncler I. Top Job Openings: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen), Sun moncler jackets Yat Sen University (SYSU), China.

cheap moncler coats moncler outlet store The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Shenzhen) is one of the first two schools to be established on the Shenzhen Campus. moncler outlets usa We are actively seeking candidates for faculty positions at all levels. We seek outstanding individuals to develop and conduct innovative basic and/or translational research in areas of including but not limited to 1) innovative molecular and systems pharmacology, chemical biology, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery/drug development sciences, and therapeutic engineering; 2) stem cell biology, neuroscience, biochemistry and molecular medicine; 3) developing enabling technologies for target identification and validation, disease modeling, functional genomics, imaging, computational modeling and informatics, design and engineering of genome/proteins/cells/tissues, drug formulation and drug delivery, and molecular pharmaceutics; 4) understanding and targeting diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and immune cheap moncler disorder.

moncler sale Applicants are expected to manage an independent research program in their fields and be committed to excellence in teaching at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Candidates for tenured positions must be established scholars with national and international recognitions.1. Research Fellows of Sun Yat sen University

moncler mens jackets We have established a stem cell/disease modeling program aimed at promoting collaborations among investigators to develop, establish, and disseminate individualized human disease models for personalized medicine research. We are recruiting outstanding scientists and staff into the program. We seek applications from qualified moncler coats sale candidates with expertise in moncler jackets cheap human induced pluripotent stem moncler outlet online cell (iPSC) technology to our established stem cell/neuroscience research team. Candidates with a strong background in cell, molecular discount moncler jackets and systems biology also are encouraged to apply. Our mission is to tackle the key challenges that currently impede the translation of the iPSC moncler jackets toronto technology for disease modeling, drug discovery and regenerative medicine applications.

moncler outlet sale We are looking for highly motivated, open minded and collaborative applicants in Stem Cell/Genome Editing/Neuroscience. We consider career development in basic science and translational medicine core to our mission. Our researchers will fully benefit from the deep connections to premier academic labs, hospitals and biotech/pharmaceutical companies in an established biomedical environment.

moncler sale outlet The ideal candidate should have an excellent publication record in moncler outlet uk high impact journals, and moncler coats will be expected to work independently as a problem solver. S/he will keep cheap moncler jackets wholesale accurate and complete records of all scientific experiments according to established procedures and ensure that these records and raw data are properly retained. S/he will draft manuscripts and patent applications cheap moncler jackets outlet and present work internally and externally as needed. Candidate is expected to have a moncler jackets outlet strong background in stem cell biology/engineering technology, drug discovery, cell and tissue engineering, cell signaling, or quantitative biology, and should be a team player with high scientific standards and possess womens moncler jackets the ability to work in an interactive, fast paced environment. moncler outlet canada S/he is expected to be self motivated to learn new technologies and be familiar with the methods and concepts of stem cell moncler coats for men technology and regenerative medicine.

moncler outlet online Work place:Guangzhou before Sep. 2019;Shenzhen after Sep. 2019

moncler outlet moncler jacket online store Please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and at least 3 recommendation letters from colleagues and scholars of the same field (including their contact information) to:.