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That side must not be adjacent to the camera. You can determine the correct orientation by sticking the lens between the prongs of a hairpin and taping the rig to the back of a smartphone. The correct orientation will provide you with a larger field of view..

cheap iphone Cases A Caesar salad ($5.50) was made with a spring mix instead of Romaine. In other departures from a true Caesar, it had tomatoes, bits of red onion, and a few strips of green cabbage. It wasn’t traditional, but it was still excellent. The implications for businesses are significant. There is no need for additional servers, as the software can be installed directly on the existing mail servers. The easy set up, intuitive user interface and low maintenance result in a reduction of support queries. cheap iphone Cases

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iphone 7 case We are well positioned in fiscal 2019 with a great lineup of activities to support the growth, momentum of this brand family.Corona Extra kicks off a new sponsorship as the official cerveza of the San Francisco Giants and will become the official import beer of this year’s Kentucky Derby. English and Spanish language national TV campaigns will be launched to support the brand with this year’s increased media investments focused on sports properties.New TV ads featuring Corona Extra and Corona Light together will begin running in advance of the Cinco de Mayo holiday and we will begin launching our new TV ad campaigns in support of the Premier and Familiar lunches beginning next month.Casa Modelo has plenty of upside from ongoing distribution expansion opportunities in the coming year. Dedicated media spend will increase by more than 20% in fiscal 2019, which will be heavily weighted the high profile programming on ESPN and other entertainment networks as well as live sports property iphone 8 case, such as the NFL and the NBA.. iphone 7 case

iphone x cases ‘Why I 3D printed an iPhone shoe’After around a decade of practice 3D printing designers have become comfortable with the technique and are now playing with its possibilities like never before especially as new materials become 3D printable.Many of these expert designers are drawn to an area around northern Belgium and the western parts of the Netherlands including the so called “ELAt”, the Eindhoven Leuven Aachen triangle that markets itself as Europe’s hi tech hub.3D printing companies like Freedom of Creation, Materialise and Shapeways are all based, or originated, in this area. They either create designs, or host communities of people who upload their creations and they own vast numbers of the printers that will realise the finished items.Representatives of these companies all congregated in London recently for the launch of a new magazine dedicated to the world of 3D printing, Print Shift. Created by design blog Dezeen, it mimics the concept of 3D printing, in that each individual copy of the magazine is only printed when a customer requests it, an experimental ‘on demand’ model being tested by UK publisher Blurb.BBC News spoke to designer Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation in Amsterdam, and Bart Veldhuizen an online community manager at Shapeways in Eindhoven, about whether the future for 3D printing lies in printers at home, or hubs of factories 3D printing to order.Mr Nguyen showed off one of his favourite creations, a shoe which holds an iPhone.”We are like DJs,” he said, “because they take other people’s things and make something completely new.” The iPhone shoe is a “mash up”, he explained, as it contains other designers’ case designs along the base of the heel. iphone x cases

iPhone x case By doing so it traps a layer of insulating air between the glass and the curtain, and prevents the cold air that forms against the lass from seeping into the room. A Kume curtain basically works just like a good down jacket on a cold winter day. This is because the curtain works best if it is able to tightly seal the complete perimeter (that is, the top, bottom and sides) of the window opening iPhone x case.