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cheap Canada Goose I was hoping to get one of you pros to at do an assessment from the detail pictures.Stitching looks good, again, nothing stands out as far as loose threads or poor quality.Time will tell with whether these will be worth the $199, but I have some Walk Over shoes in suede that are very comparable, and I got those on sale for $110 (granted, this was SUPER cheap with many stacked codes).Nolan and Conner customer service was where I have my most complaints (aside from my first pair of boots). After I agreed to these replacements, I never heard from them. I emailed them about 1 month ago kind of asking, “hey you said Feb., it Feb., so is there an update?” They basically canada goose uk black friday told me, “oh shit, canada goose uk shop we totally forgot about you.” This meant that not only was I not on their radar, but I wasn even on their radar waitlist. cheap Canada Goose

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