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One healthcare worker recently employed on told 7.30 some of the children are using Google to research ways to die.Got a confidential news tip?Signal is a free instant messaging and phone calling service that can be downloaded on a smartphone. The content of the messages is encrypted end to end, meaning no one but us can read themContact Paul Farrell on Signal: +61457262172No system is 100 per cent secure, but Signal can be used to protect your identity. Please read the terms and conditions of the service to work out the best method of communication for you.One incident report from June 2018 says a 14 year old refugee child “had poured petrol over herself and had a lighter”.A further report from June shows a 10 year old refugee “attempted to self harm by ingesting some sharp metal objects”.The metal objects were consistent with fencing wire, the report said.”Am I concerned that children could die in, that some of these refugee children could die? I’m absolutely concerned about that.

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