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On and Off my Hook

cheap moncler jackets Morning my lovelies!Gosh, it good to be back here at last! I having a hard job carving out enough time to bob into the Attic to chat, my days are so full of Little People and work related activity that personal ramblings have not managed to find much of an outlet of late. I not going to apologise mind you, my blog is moncler outlet store my personal little patch of time and space and moncler outlet online it follows the true course of my life. Which happens to be busy and full up right now, the usual story moncler outlet uk of a summer spent juggling like a clown. cheap moncler jackets

monlcer down jackets I really miss my studio, but we are still holding our weekly social at cheap moncler coats the caf on Friday mornings. The Little People come with me which moncler sale outlet they are fine about, providing I am forthcoming with fizzy drinks and sweet treats to sustain them through the morning. It been great to welcome some lovely visitors during the past few weeks too anyone is welcome to come and join our free and friendly group, just rock up with something stitchy in your bag and sit yourself down [Coopers Cafe Bar, Skipton : Friday mornings : 9.30 11.30] monlcer down jackets

A few weeks ago I dug cheap moncler outlet out this bag of zingy bright cottons to make a cheerful floral garland (my contribution for this year Yarndale brochure, we like to include free patterns in amongst the festival blurb). This yarn is lovely to work with (although it quite stiff) and is perfect for small decorative projects where you need the finished crochet to hold it shape well. It comes from a local mill here in Yorkshire, but you can find it online, it called Texere Double Top Cotton. The yarn comes in 50g moncler outlet balls, but also the lovely peeps at Texere Yarns wind it onto dinky little 20m spools which means you can buy up lots of colours for small projects (I wish more cotton yarn came like this).

buy moncler jackets I made 12 layered flowers, then strung them with a crochet chain of green yarn. I made the little leaves as part of the crochet chain so there was no moncler outlet jackets fiddly stitching or darning in ends. buy moncler jackets

moncler sale outlet,,,,ta dah! I strung it over the big mirror above the fireplace in the dining room, it moncler jackets outlet looks lovely actually (I gave the toilet roll family a little dust off at the same time, they are still perched on top of the mirror almost five years after being born!). I try and remember to take a photo to show you it in situ. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online I busy working on the Yarndale calendar at the moment too. This year we are photographing a collection of yarny accessories (all made by local designers) to illustrate the months, and the calendar will also include the patterns for knitting/crocheting the projects which I think is pretty nifty, although quite a lot of work to pull together. It was decided that the images should have a very slightly vintage vibe, so I abandoned my usual multicoloured brights and toned it all down a bit for my project. Wowsers. I had this idea for a circular cushion in my head for ages, so when I came to make it, cheap moncler I managed to whizz it up over the course of three days. In the picture above, the green line of neat double crochet stitches is being worked into the front loops of round eleven (round 12 was worked into the remaining back loops, does that make sense?) moncler outlet online

moncler sale Then I stitched on some crochet leaves. Do you like where this is going?? moncler sale

cheap moncler I made roses using a variation of my May Rose pattern and stitched them in place. cheap moncler

cheap moncler coats The cushion fits a small 30cm circular cushion pad, and guess what the back of the cushion is completely plain, one colour, duck egg blue, no stripes! Would you believe it?! I crocheted the two circles together around the cushion pad with a simple round of double crochet, then made a pretty pink scallop edging to finish it off. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet sale Ta dah! One vintage “Ring O Roses” cushion. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler sale It came off my hook on Sunday, and has already been integrated into the Attic24 household, which is a bit perilous as it has yet to be styled and moncler outlet sale photographed for the calendar. And it has already had coffee spilt on it (cue some exasperated words from me and some apologetic words from J, followed by some emergency dabbing with a baby wipe) cheap moncler sale

moncler outlet store I do really love it actually, although it does somewhat remind me of an iced cake. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler outlet Oh, moncler sale forgot to mention the yarn, silly me! I used Stylecraft Life DK in Mint, Fern, Rose and Fuchsia. The Life yarn is a 75% acrylic / 25% wool yarn, the colours are lovely and quite beautifully soft, perfect for a vintage inspired project. The yarn is a weeny bit “itchy woolly” for me and truthfully I don think I would use it for blanket making, but it Cheap Moncler Jackets was lovely to work with. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet So the pattern for my rosy cake cushion will be included in the Yarndale 2016 calendar, which will be in the online shop after the festival in early October. That too has been fully integrated into family life and has become a favourite with Little Lady cheap moncler jackets sale for early cheap moncler jackets evening sofa snuggle time. moncler outlet

moncler mens jackets This week I working flat out on photographing and writing the tutorial for making the Harmony blanket, as well as working with J to create the printed version of the pattern which will be included with the yarn kit. We are making good progress and all being well we are aiming for a Friday Ta dah. That the day after tomorrow! I am full of nervous excitement for sharing this lovely blanket, it been one of the hardest and most complex patterns I ever tackled and I hope very much that I done good with it. It not been easy to do the pattern writing with a background of Little People (far from harmonious at times!), but I have done my best. Fingers crossed moncler mens jackets.