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Subsequently, on May 10, 2017, the Company slashed FY17 guidance by more than 45% and then on August 9, 2017, revealed it was taking a goodwill impairment charge of $168 million and as a result, a GAAP loss per share of $6.73 in 2Q17.. wholesale jerseys from china The big news is Saleh procurement of an authentic shawarma machine that he will highlight frequently, including at brunch (hummus and shawarma with pine nuts and pickles). The other standout dish appears to be fried chicken and housemade donuts, with honey pomegranate molasses and harissa (a play on chicken and waffles). On wholesale jerseys the menu are the words: your meal? Send a six pack to the kitchen. new balance pas cher wholesale nfl jerseys Dingell votes to raid the Soc. Sec. 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