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We ran 78 riders in the Open and paid out $3000 over the course of the day! Many volunteers helped make the show very successful. Thanks go to Mariah Greenslitt who helped us with some pre race coordinating, Debra Zavatto who worked our Show Office (and had the checks out within three minutes of each race ending and AUDITED race results posted every 25 riders), John Tabak who announced and was our on site paramedic, Tractor Dean Hendrickson who worked our ground, June Verseput and Jennifer Duke who worked the gates, Annie Sanchez for working our show sign ups, Eddie Conradson for working the ground and thanks go to William for keeping Eddie company! We would also like to thank Chris Schmitt for getting us Diesel, working the ground, and setting the pattern. Julie Lane and Paula Coffman Johs, I thank you both for always being there and lending hand where needed.. 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