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What is CBM stands for and how to Calculate LCL Shipment?


CBM means Cubic Meter which is a calculation from Length x Height x Width. However, the total weight of cargo should not exceed 1 ton or 1000 kgs for one CBM. In short, freight forwarders charges LCL rate on the basis of ‘per CBM’ or per weight of 1 ton (1000kgs) whichever is higher.

For example, if cargo is 1.2 H x 1.4 W x 1.5 L = 2.52 CBM and if this shipment weight is not over 2 tons then the calculation is based on CBM calculated. However, if the weight of this shipment turn out to be 4 tons (4,000 kgs) then the charge on this LCL shipment will be 4 CBM accordingly.

Please note that to calculate to CBM the measurement need to be convert to Meter always.

To Convert

Multiply By

inches to centimetres 2.54
centimetres to inches 0.39
CPT Carriage Paid To (named place of destination)
inches to millimetres 25.40
millimetres to inches 0.04
feet to metres 0.31
metres to feet 3.28
yards to metres 0.91
metres to yards 1.09
miles to kilometres 1.61
kilometres to miles 0.62