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11. Bor Boron – Welcoming the fresh Groom

10. Tatta – The brand new Gift suggestions

Bengalis exchange presents into wedding. Such gift ideas become different types of cultural dresses, makeup, toliletries and you may jewelry to the wedding couple, outfits to your household members, attire and you may toiletries towards nitbor and you can nitkobe, sweets, a complete seafood etc. This type of constantly have decorated trays.

It’s custoily spend weeks through to the wedding packing and you will ily delivers these types of presents into bride’s members of the family and the haldi. So this is called the ‘gaye holud emergency room tatta’. The bride’s family unit members sends these types of gifts on the day of one’s boubhat.

Wedding Evening Rituals

The is calm on home of your Bengali bride-to-be, right up until her bridegroom arrives also the bor jatri – their friends and family. The brand new bridegroom is available in an alternative decorated auto. The new ritual is conducted because of the bride’s mother whom blesses the fresh new bridegroom and embraces him by lighting a lamp toward a flannel winnow otherwise kula. She do aarti andfeeds your sweets and you can water.

several. Patta Bastra – The fresh new Sacred Attire

A portion of the Bengali weddingrituals happen under the chhadnatola or matrimony mandap, that’s an embellished square city or stage . Till the katso sivusto traditions start the brand new bridegroom needs to become certain outfits known as patta bastra which has an excellent dhoti and you will along little bit of cloth that the groom is supposed to wrap-around the top of part of the body. An older member of the family of your bride hands it out over the fresh new groom.

thirteen. Subho Drishti – The first Auspicious Look

The latest Bengali relationships rituals begin because the bride to be was brought to the chhadnatola into a beneficial pidi otherwise reduced wood stool, held from the their particular brothers. She’s taken within the bridegroom inside the seven sectors when you’re she discusses her face playing with a beneficial betel leaf. Then slow she movements the newest betel leaf out of their own face and also the fiance and the bridegroom look at both to possess initially towards wedding day.

14. Mala Bodol – Change out-of Garlands

Next the fresh fiance therefore the bridegroom change garlands, thrice. A great custom is accomplished nowadays when family members lift the bride up therefore it gets hard for the fresh new groom to put the latest garland as much as their own neck.

15. Sampradan – The Induction of the Fiance on the Groom’s family unit members

Sampradan ‘s the Bengali equivalent of your Kanyadaan. A senior male organ of friends or even the bride’s father functions the newest routine hence represents forking over the new child for the man that is planning to become their unique partner. Additionally, it is short for a formal induction on groom’s loved ones and gotra. The fresh new priest chants Vedic mantras and also the hands of the bride-to-be is positioned toward hands of one’s groom.

sixteen. Yagna – Brand new Sacred Flames

Today, the fiance plus the bridegroom remain alongside both while you are the latest priest helps them carry out the yagnain top of the sacred fire. The fresh routine off good Bengali relationships is carried out to make the God from Flame – Agni – an observe on sacred connection.

17. Saptapadi – The latest Eight Important Procedures

In the event which ritual may seem just like Saat Phere, it is not therefore! For it ritual, brand new bride to be strategies into the 7 betel will leave put on the ground one by one. The bridegroom employs when you are swinging a nora along with his ft just like the they progress. A good nora is actually good cylindrical stone regularly ground herbs.

Until then ritual the brand new bride’s saree pallu are tied to the fresh patta bastraof the bridegroom. This link-right up is named gatchhora.

18. Anjali – New Offering

A supplying of puffed grain was designed to the fresh new sacred flames. This new bride’s brother hand their unique the brand new puffed rice therefore the groom retains the latest bride’s give of trailing their whenever you are they both much slower pour the latest providing for the yagna fire.