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In Chef, A data bag is a global variable that is stored as JSON data and is accessible from a Chef server. A Recipe is a collection of Resources that describes a particular configuration or policy. A Recipe describes everything that is required to configure part of a system. A data bag is a container of related data bag items, where each individual data bag item is a JSON file. The knife can load a data bag item by specifying the name of the data bag to which the item belongs and then the filename of the data bag item.

chef devops interview questions

This allows a variety of options for installing packages, like minimum versions, virtual provides, and library names. A role is a way to define certain patterns and processes that exist across nodes in an organization as belonging to a single job function. A) Use the chef_gem resource to install a gem only for the instance of Ruby that is dedicated to the chef-client. When a gem is installed from a local file, it must be added to the node using the remote_file or cookbook_file resources. Test Kitchen is essentially a command-line tool that allows you to be able to test out your cookbook before you actually deploy it to an actual node.

Q17. How does chef apply differ from chef client?

Here are some of the most common DevOps interview questions and answers that can help you while you prepare for DevOps roles in the industry. Software configuration management and build/release (version control) tools, including Apache Subversion, Mercurial, Fossil and others, help document change requests. Developers can more easily follow the company’s best practices and policies while software changes. Chef had shown a promising rise with its growth to 37% in 2019 from 36% in 2018.

Operations expertise must include extensive knowledge of systems management tools like Microsoft System Center, Puppet, Nagios and Chef. DevOps jobs with an emphasis on operations require detailed problem-solving, troubleshooting and analytical skills. Instances are based on the list of platforms and suites in the .kitchen.yml file. After logging in successfully, the instance can be interacted with just like any other virtual machine, including adding or removing packages, starting or stopping services, and so on. Make any change necessary to help improve the coverage for cookbook testing. The Chef server stores cookbooks, the policies that are applied to nodes, and metadata that describes each registered node that is being managed by Chef.

Chef Devops Interview Questions

Our team of SVR Technologies listed out the top, most regularly proposed questions after a long discussion with the specialists. This blog will surely know you totally planned for your Chef interview. Interested to know further regarding Chef verify out this blog series on Chef. Make sure you demonstrate your perfect understanding of both development and operations. Do not let your answer lean towards one particular skill set ignoring the other. Even if you have worked in an environment wherein you had to work more with one skillset, assure the interviewer that you are agile according to the needs of your organization.

What does Chef do in DevOps?

Chef is a Configuration management DevOps tool that manages the infrastructure by writing code rather than using a manual process so that it can be automated, tested and deployed very easily. Chef has Client-server architecture and it supports multiple platforms like Windows, Ubuntu, Centos, and Solaris etc.

During a DevOps process, it is frequently necessary to address what went wrong. These meetings provide actions that should be performed in the future to avoid the same failure or combination of failures for which the meeting was called in the first place. In DevOps, the term “shift left” refers to authorizing application testing at an earlier stage, before the DevOps process cycle begins.

Chef DevOps Interview Questions and Answers and Answers for Fresher’s 2018and Experienced. This program will encourage you to answer your succeeding chef DevOps job interview. This question probes your attitude to metrics, logging, transaction journeys, and reporting. Include words like SysLog, Splunk, error tracking, Nagios, SCOM, Avicode in your answer. The HTTP protocol works in a client and server model like most other protocols. A web browser using which a request is initiated is called a client and a web server software that responds to that request is called a server.

  • One can validate if the node has successfully bootstrapped by checking the details in Chef Management Console and using commands knife node list and knife node show.
  • Estimates indicate that around 84% of enterprises follow multi-cloud strategies and around 66% of them have a central cloud team.
  • Some environments may emphasize microservices software development tailored for virtual containers.
  • Simultaneously, the container layer of the read-write filesystem is also created on top of the image layer.
  • With the help of Chef, you may write scripts that are further used to automate the business processes.
  • To make sure, you need to establish a secure SSL connection and continue your work.
  • Continuous monitoring in DevOps is a process of detecting, identifying, and reporting any faults or threats in the entire infrastructure of the system.

Here are the top 30 objective type example Chef Interview Questions and the hints to answer those questions are provided simply following them. Certain example questions are composed by masters of SVR Technologies that trains for DevOps Training to grant you a view of a variety of questions which may be proposed in an interview. We have taken full care to give accurate answers to all the questions. TekSlate is the best online training provider in delivering world-class IT skills to individuals and corporates from all parts of the globe.

Most Common Chef Interview Questions and Answers

Continuous monitoring in DevOps is a process of detecting, identifying, and reporting any faults or threats in the entire infrastructure of the system. An assessment of the existing process and implementation for about two to three weeks to identify areas of improvement so that the team can create a road map for the implementation. An expert in developing, deploying, and maintaining software systems with DevOps methodology and practices is known as a DevOps engineer. RAID 1 offers redundancy through mirroring, i.e., data is written identically to two drives.

It’s an opportunity to be involved in the entire delivery system from start to finish. I will mention the below points, this will give the interviewer a clear picture of your understanding of Test Kitchen. Run-list lets you specify which Recipes to run, and the order in which to run them. The run-list is important when you have multiple Cookbooks, and the order in which they run matters. Don’t forget to check out these top DevOps Interview Questions that will help you crack the DevOps interview.