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Have you ever puzzled who Toya Wright, the well-known reality TV star and entrepreneur, is dating? Well, you’re in the proper place! In this article, we’ll delve into Toya Wright’s relationship life, giving you all of the juicy particulars about her romantic relationships. From her high-profile marriage to her current love interests, we’ll cover all of it. So, sit again, loosen up, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of Toya Wright’s dating adventures!

Toya Wright’s Love Journey: From High-Profile Marriage to the Present

Toya Wright rose to fame as one of the stars of the hit actuality TV present "Tiny and Toya." But behind the glitz and glamour of her successful career, the question remained: who captured Toya’s heart? Let’s check out her love journey, beginning along with her high-profile marriage.

1. Toya Wright’s Former Husband: Lil Wayne

Toya Wright’s love story began with the well-known rapper Lil Wayne. The two met during their teenage years and soon fell in love. In 2004, Toya and Lil Wayne tied the knot, making headlines in the leisure business. However, their relationship had its ups and downs, leading to a divorce in 2006. Despite their separation, Toya and Lil Wayne have remained close pals and co-parents to their daughter, Reginae.

2. Finding Love Again: Memphitz Wright

After her divorce from Lil Wayne, Toya Wright discovered love as quickly as extra. She entered into a relationship with music producer Memphitz Wright. The couple received married in 2011, and their journey was documented on the reality TV show "Toya: A Family Affair." Sadly, their marriage confronted challenges, and they eventually divorced in 2015. But even in the aftermath of their cut up, Toya and Memphitz have maintained a cordial relationship, focusing on being one of the best mother and father they are often.

3. Toya’s Current Love Interest: Who is She Dating Now?

Toya Wright’s love life continues to captivate the general public’s consideration, and many are curious about her present romantic endeavors. Presently, Toya is courting Robert "Red" Rushing. Though they have stored their relationship comparatively low-key, their love shines by way of within the adorable pictures they share on social media. Robert is a well-respected businessman and the father of Toya’s second daughter, Reign. The couple seems to have a robust bond, and their journey together seems promising.

The Magic of Toya Wright’s Relationships

Toya Wright’s love life has been nothing short of intriguing. Throughout her romantic journey, she has displayed power, resilience, and a commitment to co-parenting with her former companions. Her relationships have taught her invaluable life classes, making her the robust and unbiased woman we see at present. But what can we learn from Toya’s love story? Let’s take a closer look.

1. The Importance of Maintaining Friendship

One of the key takeaways from Toya Wright’s relationships is the significance of sustaining friendship with ex-partners. Despite the challenges they confronted, Toya and Lil Wayne, as well as Toya and Memphitz, have managed to foster amicable relationships. By putting their variations apart and prioritizing their kid’s well-being, Toya has shown that friendships could be nurtured even after romantic relationships come to an finish.

2. Resilience within the Face of Adversity

Toya Wright’s love life has had its fair proportion of ups and downs. From divorces to public scrutiny, she has faced many challenges. However, by way of all of it, Toya has shown incredible resilience. She hasn’t let setbacks define her or maintain her again from finding happiness. Instead, Toya has continued to develop and evolve, reminding us that resilience is essential in navigating the complexities of relationships.

3. Balancing Love and Motherhood

As a faithful mother to 2 daughters, Reginae and Reign, Toya Wright has set an exemplary example of balancing love and motherhood. Despite her relationship standing, she has remained committed to providing a stable and loving surroundings for her children. Toya understands the importance of being a gift father or mother, and her dedication shines via in her actions.


Toya Wright’s love life has been a charming saga, full of highs, lows, and lessons learned. From her high-profile marriage to rapper Lil Wayne to her present relationship with Robert "Red" Rushing, Toya has gracefully navigated the complexities of love. Through her experiences, she has proven the importance of maintaining friendships, resilience within the face of adversity, and the balance between love and motherhood. As fans and admirers of Toya Wright, we received’t wait to see the place her love journey takes her subsequent.


  1. Who is Toya Wright presently dating?
    Toya Wright is at present dating Robert "Red" Rushing. They have been in a relationship since 2017.

  2. How did Toya Wright meet Robert "Red" Rushing?
    Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing met by way of mutual friends. They were introduced and started dating shortly after.

  3. How lengthy have Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing been dating?
    Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing have been dating for approximately four years, since 2017.

  4. Are Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing married?
    Yes, Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing tied the knot on October 1, 2020. They obtained married in a personal ceremony surrounded by their shut friends and family.

  5. Has Toya Wright been in any previous high-profile relationships before relationship Robert "Red" Rushing?
    Yes, Toya Wright was beforehand married to rapper Lil Wayne. They obtained married in 2004 and divorced in 2006. They share a daughter collectively named Reginae Carter. Toya has additionally been linked to other celebrities in the past.

  6. Do Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing have any kids together?
    Yes, Toya Wright and Robert "Red" Rushing have a daughter together named Reign Ryan Rushing. She was born on February 8, 2018.

  7. How does Toya Wright’s relationship with Robert "Red" Rushing evaluate to her previous relationships?
    Toya Wright has spoken overtly about feeling a deep reference to Robert "Red" Rushing. She has described him as a loving and supportive associate. Their relationship appears to be extra secure and long-term in comparison with her previous high-profile relationships.